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A Practical Comparison of Face Detection and Recognition Tools

It all started when we encountered the necessity to use face detection and recognition on one of our experimental projects for the robot Pepper.


We interview Dr Takhir Mamirov about his work with AngularJS last year. This talk gives us answers on such questions as what, why and where AngularJS could be used.


Our company is an outsource software development expert in .NET technology. Diatom Enterprises’ .NET developers have effectively used .NET in building such projects as...

Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby? Ruby is extremely popular with startups, because it is designed to be simple and easy to extend/shrink. Ruby is a very niche and highly valued language.

Our company uses Xamarin Test Cloud Services

We are now Xamarin Test Cloud Services Partner and offer not only Mobile Cross Platform development, but also testing apps using Xamarin Test Cloud Services Platform.

Test Automation engineers discuss the Behaviour driven development processes for an e-Health project

Behaviour driven development is a relatively new approach to software development in test automation area. Learn how your project could benefit from applying BDD on it!

ReactJS Specifics

ReactJS is an extremely powerful library for frontend development. However, at times it can be used in the wrong way. So what are the specifics of its use and what are some common mistakes in its application? How and when should you use ReactJS?

NODE JS project with noSQL (mongoDB) support

So, you’ve greeted the world with your Node.JS console, and think of taking on a “real” challenge? Well, check this one...

iOS Development

How do you develop apps for iOS? It’s a common question, and Jack McGrath hopes to answer it with a series of posts.

Node.js with Dr Takhir Mamirov

We talk to Dr Takhir Mamirov about his work his experience with Node.js. Takhir's team just finished a project, and we will discuss its results and technical aspects.

MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server is a platform for data warehousing, e-commerce applications and large-scale online processing (OLTP). It also acts as a business platform for intelligence in data integration, reporting, and analyses.

Use Artificial Intelligence Software to get more profit from your business!

Nowadays a hotel is not only a place where people can stay overnight, but also a place where people can gather for some events such as company meeting

Material Design - Can We Turn Complex into Simple?

Natalja Sapoznikova, Diatom Enterprises UI/UX Designer: Absolutely! Google Designers have created a Material Design concept that has created a comprehensive, yet universally comprehensible design concept.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have h2 experience and understanding of principles internet advertisement. We have been tuning with our client’s web sites to attract more traffic through modifications making the web resources optimized for search engine discovery. We have been running several successful Adwords campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Angular vs Knockout

As written on the official website "Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model." So basically it is a framework that presents a very simple yet useful data-binding for web-applications on the side of a client, but not more than that. KnockoutJS is very “easy” and fast, but it does not imply such rich possibilities as Angular.

3 Things You Need to Know About Accessibility

Our Team Lead Lauris Blīgzna talking about WEB Accessibility: Recently, I was asked: How do disabled people use web? I have been working as a web developer for about four years, but I have never really thought about the usability of my web application for disabled people.

Java Department in Diatom Enterprises

Diatom Enterprises employs a team of Java technology professionals who have more than a decade of expertise in enterprise solutions, Big Data and high load solutions.

A Single Source Reality

In this article our CTO shares his experience in developing the .NET Rocks podcasting app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Modern UI.


Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore ASP.NET development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. ASP.NET is a designed and marketed technology of Microsoft allowing programmers to develop dynamic and interactive web sites, applications and services...

Amazon Web Services

For any internet based company, scalability and availability are two very important requirements for satisfying user experience. Amazon web services are sure to achieve this.

e-Invoicing and e-Documents Interchange System: Is It Good for Midsize Business?

Four years ago we made a huge step forward and launched an electronic invoice interchange system (e-Invoicing), the system of control over operations and documents (e-Documents) and automatic interaction with accounting systems.

MYSQL Database Management System

MYSQL database is the most used database management system because of its reliability, performance, and simplicity in use. The software is compatible with over 20 systems platforms, which ensures flexibility of use on different operating environments.


Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a software that delivers version control, which ensures tracking of work item and facilitates team building. The software also facilitates creation of websites for team projects and reporting.

Weborb for .NET

For a continuous and reliable media presence worldwide, the WebORB for .NET plays a major role. It integrates browsers who want to stay connected anywhere they are. If you are a mobile client and need reliable connectivity for your desktop, you should consider getting this feature.

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder)

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder) is a professional development tool used by web developers. With this software, you are able to create a client friendly platform for serving your customers using different frameworks.

Atlassian Tools (Fisheye, Crucible)

The Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible) are products designed for programmers who use codes on a daily basis. If you are in constant use of codes, these can be of very great help to you.


Due to the high prices that have been demanded in the past, content management systems and open-source solutions have seen an increased growth. By having the N2 open-sourced, the end product is more preferred by the end user than the commercial alternatives...

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development or ASD provides a practical interface in software development. The focus remains on keeping the program development codes simple which are periodically tested for loopholes and the finished product is delivered as soon as the application is ready to use...

Development using Xamarin products

Xamarin allows you to leverage the power of Microsoft's C# technology to create cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Xamarin allows for reduced development costs by enabling you to share non-UI code across different mobile platforms, while providing native UI and performance.

What type of mobile application is right for you?

In the consumer realm, “mobile app” assumes that an application is intended to work on a mobile device. In the software developer’s world there is much more to consider...


C#.NET is most preferred by most programmers because it contains less wording than alternative programming languages when it comes to the source code. Whereas other languages use a variety of keywords such as...

Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder) and Flash Framework

Diatom Enterprises as a flash development company is an expert in Adobe Flex and Flash. Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore flex development as well as offshore flash development services for a wide range of areas and companies around the world...

Credit Card Processing and SMS Billing

Diatom Enterprises is conducting development and support of Internet payment solutions with more than a million transactions per month. Why does your business need a credit card processing or SMS billing?


Now to the real juice, C# offers properties. These will not be the new frontier for users of Visual Basic and Delphi. The motivation behind this is that the language formalizes setter/getter methods, which is a pattern that is used extensively; this is especially true of tools of Rapid Application Development...


JavaScript is a widely used computer scripting language also known as ECMAS. It copies a lot from Java but the two have very different semantics and should not be confused as one. It supports higher-order functions and has closures and this makes it a functional programming language...

Health Level 7

Diatom Enterprises has a trained team of senior developers with extensive experience of working with HL7 (HL7 Message Parser, HL7 Message Generator, HL7 Message Validator). Diatom has a proven track records of technical success in development of commercial software using Health Level 7 standards for Latvian nationwide healthcare system

Microsoft Framework

NET is a Microsoft framework that includes a very large library and supports a number of programming languages. This library is available to all languages that are supported by .NET. Its programs do not execute in hardware but in a software environment...


Initially the ADO was used to extract data efficiently from a database. This was when ADO 1.0 was established and subsequent developments have now led to ADO 2.6, the latest and last of the ADO after which came the ADO.NET, the most powerful of all frameworks...


Asynchronous Java Script and XML or Ajax is a web development method used to create web applications with an interactive user interface. Ajax is a feature widely used by most websites especially those that require real time data to be displayed on the screen...

Windows Communication Foundation

The .Net Framework utilizes some core technologies out of which Windows communication foundation is an essential component. The Windows communication foundation is a means of developing service oriented applications...

Web Services

The service can be carried on remote computers and requires a communication interface to be established between a web server and a web service...

Geographic Mapping

We have years of experience in development of mapping systems. We use mapping validation, longitude and latitude discovering by address solutions, secure web services client oriented websites to help get geocode information experience.

Asynchronous Programming for Windows Store Apps: .NET is up to the Task

Asynchronous programming is one of the central themes of the .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 releases. Diatom Enterprises started working using new features of Framework 4.5. in 2012 and the experience we are getting becomes more and more interesting ..

Model View Presenter

Why is it bad to have lots of logic in the UI layer? The code in the UI layer of an application is very difficult to test without either running the application manually or maintaining ugly UI runner scripts that automate the execution of UI components. While this is a big problem in itself, an even bigger problem is the reams of code that are duplicated between common views in an application

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform comparison

The release of Windows Phone 8 is a significant step toward convergence with Windows 8. Here, we compare the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 development platforms, and discuss how developers can create apps for both platforms and maximize code reuse.

Zuora platform to power your subscription business

Only Zuora gives you the enterprise-class, cloud-based tools you need to launch and scale any subscription service, quickly and affordably

Windows Phone 7.5. Mango

The Windows Phone Marketplace has topped 70,000 apps. Our company participates in development and researching in the world of windows phone apps


Anyone that has been in the web service industry will tell you that nothing is as important as working with an efficient web service when it comes to content delivery. That’s why it is of good use to understand the most efficient web service out there in the market.

BITS: Background Intelligent Transfer Service

BITS, commonly known as Background Intelligent Transfer Service, is an element of the modern Microsoft Windows operating system. Mainly used for the effective prioritization and asynchronous file transfer between devices...


ActionScript is an object-oriented language for programming that is very essential and powerful in the runtime of flash player capabilities.

IIS: Internet Information Services

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has a resource tool kit that assists in administration, security and management of the technology. The resource tool kit enables one to query log files and verify permissions and deployment of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.

Windows Server

Windows server is a famous platform in development of infrastructures used in connection applications, web services, and networks.


With the rapid change in the technology world complexity in programming or coding has increased. The main aim of increasing the complexity is to lead to easier, more user friendly technological environments.


InfoPath is Microsoft’s forms app that is electronic. It has recently been ranked as one of Office’s top editions, to be specific, top three. The app makes it possible to submit forms after filling them in through email while at the same time making publishing forms onto a web server possible.

Microsoft Visual Studio

It is not a wonder that computers are synonymous with Microsoft. The giant software developer has trounced over the years any form of competition, and in the process rejuvenating and reinventing itself.


HTML validation refers to a process in which a web document is analyzed in comparison to language rules put in place. In this process non-standard codes and errors are identified. Though it might seem unnecessary, there are major benefits that you stand to gain from by validating your webpage.

Ms Access

Ms Access is a Microsoft software from Visual basic .NET that can open a database in Access, print or preview reports, display and allow editing of Access Form and automation of Access runtime.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint server is configured to support various used web browsers. In order to run and install the software you must meet the minimum hardware and software requirements. There are different methods of installation, which include single server with an in-built database installation.


Relation data and XML have three environments available for manipulation in Microsoft visual studio. The options include classes in the system.xml namespace, SQLXML class and the XML-data type packed in SQL Server.


SQL is very important in the writing of all types of data related applications. To keep a good database, it is necessary to have analysis of systems so as to be sure of performance. It provides great levels of language standards that once encoded in multiple statements; one can never be able to change them.

Visual Basic: For Programming Purposes

Though it has many features, Visual Basic’s most admirable feature, is that it is interactive and user friendly. This programming language has controls which are ready made and also have a wonderful Microsoft Developer Network that is useful for helping out those who are in doubt...


Microsoft Messaging Queuing or MSMQ in short is a method via which two remote computing devices can connect, send and receive asynchronous messages. MSMQ is a feature that is readily useable with Windows, however, it does not come preinstalled and has to be installed in as per required...


Silverlight was developed by Microsoft for assisting with running rich Internet applications. This was a direct emphasis to entertainment features such as multimedia, animated creations and graphic designs and features very alike those as provided by Adobe Flash Player...

Web Parts

Web Parts controls are a group of controls that enable users of a website to edit the content of a website that supports web controls to their liking. Customization and personalization has become a marketing gimmick and therefore gives the user authority to run the controls over...

Windows Workflow Foundation

In the last 20 years or so, most of the programming has moved from low level languages to high level languages. In today’s industry where programmers depend upon high level languages mundane tasks such as memory allocation and re writing the code for different machines, are things...

Statistical Analysis

We have more than 15 years experience working with different reporting system connected to different areas of business from government to community systems.

Financial Mathematics

Our specialists have deep subject matter knowledge of financial math. We developed algorithms for stock markets analysis, calculation of futures and options.

Business Analytics

We have more than 15 years experience working with various reporting systems covering a wide realm business of requirements. Our experience includes Business Objects Development, MS-SQL Analysis and Integration Services as well as custom developed high performance reporting systems.

Atlas: Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software

The automatically tuned linear algebra software (ATLAS) is an environment that allows software development. An environment in this case implies an operating system, the programming language, the tools for enhancing performance and functionality as well as debugging tools.

Windows 8: Microsoft’s browser-based OS

Windows 8, without a doubt, is a mobile OS. It is a very shiny, hardware-accelerated, operating system — and there’s no denying the fact that a re-skinned Windows 7...

Windows Rally

When looking for a set of technologies that simplify the entire process of maintenance and setup for wireless network and wired devices, Windows Rally is the best option that is out there.