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We are a Latvia based custom outsource software development company producing software for a wide variety of industries. Our customers around the globe find our software development services to be of outstanding quality at an affordable price.

We are proficient in .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, Angular.JS and other technologies. We offer Web, Mobile and Desktop development.

Diatom Enterprises was founded by software developers that have been involved in the development of software solutions practically since high school.

Currently our main line of business is outsourcing software development. We started in 2004 as a small group of consultants and over the years have grown to 70. The majority of our staff members have North American work experience, speak fluent English and hold University degrees in Computer Science.

Our team possesses vast and deep expertise in rapid offshore outsource software development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. Offshore facilities of our software developer base enable us to provide 24 hour outsource production and support, as well as competitive pricing.

We learned that success comes to those who do what they do with genuine interest and devotion. We have been able to assemble a team of very special talented people who can cut technological corners with their ingenuity, who pay extreme attention to detail and who take utmost pride in being able to call themselves "True Professionals" in the field of software development.

When we are asked what makes our outsourcing company different from others we think that just like human beings - companies have individualities. Each software development company excels in one area and struggles in another. Successful business relationships especially in services which are related to production of intellectual property are often a matter of compatibility between the companies. Some relationships work, some do not. This is true if the offshore company can offer professionalism, competence and above all integrity.

Once again, we welcome you to our web site. Please browse our materials and do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you require more information.

Client Spotlight
“Today we are energized by the quality of workmanship and professionalism of Diatom. We set for them a very difficult task of cleaning up someone else’s mess, and they’ve come through, giving us renewed energy and confidence.”

Judy Celmins, Director and Business Manager
Third Wave Media, Australia


Recent News

The art of сommunication is the language of leaders
28 / 07 / 2016
It is not a secret that an ability to communicate is one of the most essential life skills. Moreover, such skills are ranked as ‘must have’ skills and qualities for the majority of service providing companies. That is why one of the main Diatom Enterprises strategies is to support and encourage self-development among its team members. We pay very special attention to the communication skills.
 Diatom has successfully obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate
07 / 07 / 2016
We are glad to announce that a custom software development company Diatom Enterprises has successfully passed quality system audit and as a result, earned the well-deserved ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
Diatom representatives attended Workshop "Dockerization"
06 / 07 / 2016
On July 2nd, 2016, four Diatom representatives attended a workshop "Dockerization" featuring Docker - an open platform for developers. The workshop was attended by about 25 developers with different level of expertise from various Latvian companies.
Letter from Latvian Society of the Blind
09 / 06 / 2016
At Diatom, we tend to pay attention to the culture of social responsibility. We are glad to help Public Organizations and by doing that to contribute to their development.
Diatom CEO giving a speech at DSummit Conference in Stockholm, Sweden
19 / 05 / 2016
On May 26th Diatom’s CEO Denis Gorshkov will give a speech on the world conference DSummit (Sweden, Stockholm), featuring a new human centered digital future and discussing challenges it brings to us.

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