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Creating native apps with react native and expo

React Native was started by Facebook in the summer of 2013 as an internal project and was released to the public in March 2015.

Responsive or adaptive design: which is best?

There are 4 types of website layouts: static, liquid, adaptive and responsive. The choice depends on the designer’s specific needs and requirements.

Testing mobile apps with SpecFlow and Appium

The the quality of the software being developed is monitored by the testers. They write test cases, do manual testing and report bugs. That work has a risk of human error...

Docker Containerization

Docker is unique. It allows you to use publicly available system images to develop isolated application containers. And once your project is done, your code, database...

How to interview a Project Manager: Personal Experience

I had to conduct interviews to hire a Senior Project Manager. Here I describe my entire preparation process and present the main lessons I learned after this adventure.

Difference between slickgrid on Angular 1.5 and on Angular 2

For R&D Projects, I needed to adapt data table javascript component, for super fast fetching and displaying 10,000 records, called “SlickGrid”. And make it availabl...

New Adobe Experience Design Tool for design, prototype and s...

We think prototyping in the early stages of development will definitely pay off later. Let's see what tools are available for UI/UX designers during the prototyping stage

SVG whiteboard implementation with TypeScript and SVG.js

When it comes to drawing in a browser, it can be a long and difficult task to implement. This article describes our implementation of an SVG drawing board.

So why Elixir + Phoenix?

There are times when a project’s requirements can’t be handled by a language you are accustomed to. In our case, we needed an...

Cuba, why not?

In this post, I want to introduce you to Cuba. Cuba is a microframework for web development originally inspired by Rum, a tiny but powerful...

Why to say yes to AngularJS in the admin dashboard

Almost any web project should have an admin part. Some web projects have an admin dashboard that takes nearly 50% or more of all functionality, especially...

Design and Business Processes

There are a lot of different approaches to doing design in the digital and software fields. Some companies allow designers to communicate with clients directly...