Statistical Analysis

Diatom Enterprises’ custom outsource developers have more than 7 years experience working with different reporting system connected to different areas of business from government to community systems.

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. Statistical analytics is more than simply a reporting tool. Statistical analysis is the Internet solution that provides you with full insights into traffic and marketing effectiveness of enterprise-level Websites. It will allow watching and analyzing incoming traffic data of a Website in an easy to use manner. With employing statistical analysis for your Website you are powered with much stronger tools to create better targeted ads, improve your marketing strategy and increase conversion as well as visitor satisfaction.

Real time statistical data allows collecting data and analyzing your every move or improvement on the Web immediately after launching it. Collecting individual statistical data such as click paths, time spent, actions taken builds strong two way communication with every visitor of your Website and makes each decision logical and easy to make. Is it tracking of different applications or any other aspect of visitor retention real time data will be to provide you everything you ever expected to get from Web analytics.

As online channels more and more involve nontraditional Web-based communication as mobile, video and social networking, so does the need for statistical Web analytics to bring together user interactions across all channels in one place.

With analytics it is possible to understand, make your visitor a satisfied user and come back with more users by knowing who your audience is and what it is looking for. Only identification of purchase patterns will help your Website in promoting well selling products and increasing conversion.

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