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3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup pro...

If you are uncertain about getting a dedicated development team for your startup or midsized company, here are three benefits that may convince you. 

7 Latvian IT achievements from the last 100 years  

Latvia will celebrate its centenary on November 18, 2018. In this article we describe some of the IT accomplishments Latvia has achieved in these last 100 years. 

Enhance your business functions using Alexa on Ruby

In this article, I want to show you how we can quickly set up a voice assistant to access data in a database. This is where Ruby comes in. 

Making voice assistants to serve your needs

There is definitely potential for voice assistants to be very helpful in boosting efficiency and productivity at work. Read the full article.

Developing an application for Pepper – problems and soluti...

This article is meant for developers and project architects who want to create a full-scale application for Pepper.

Should you migrate to React v16?

In September 2017, Facebook announced the release of React v16.0. So, what is new in v16, what has been changed and why should you upgrade?

Creating native apps with react native and expo

React Native was started by Facebook in the summer of 2013 as an internal project and was released to the public in March 2015.

Responsive or adaptive design: which is best?

There are 4 types of website layouts: static, liquid, adaptive and responsive. The choice depends on the designer’s specific needs and requirements.

Testing mobile apps with SpecFlow and Appium

The the quality of the software being developed is monitored by the testers. They write test cases, do manual testing and report bugs. That work has a risk of human error...

Docker Containerization

Docker is unique. It allows you to use publicly available system images to develop isolated application containers. And once your project is done, your code, database...

How to interview a Project Manager: Personal Experience

I had to conduct interviews to hire a Senior Project Manager. Here I describe my entire preparation process and present the main lessons I learned after this adventure.

Difference between slickgrid on Angular 1.5 and on Angular 2

For R&D Projects, I needed to adapt data table javascript component, for super fast fetching and displaying 10,000 records, called “SlickGrid”. And make it availabl...