Denis Gagelev

Web Designer

I have been bringing my ever perfecting professional Web Designer skills to Diatom Enterprises’ clients for over seven years. Every project or system brings unique and huge challenges, keeping my work exceedingly interesting. Each client’s particular requirements frequently demand new and unique applications.

Custom Software Development is like building a skyscraper! Designing a near-perfect foundation is essential if each lofty goal is to be achieved.  Successful designs must dominate over that foundation until the ultimate user-friendly functionalities have been achieved.

Unfettered professional creativity is the hallmark for a successful designer!  He or she is responsible for the atmosphere in the team and bringing the psychology and strategies that will be expected by the client and the system’s users. It’s like having two minds: on the one hand, to understand what the client needs, on the other – how the future user will perceive the product. The designer has to find the best solution for both!

Designers, a blend of technology and art, must resist developing a creative crisis by asking: for whom, what is needed, and why, then most importantly, how? I am relentless until I discover the correct answers to these questions and then  I never lose sight of them. My constant goal is to serve our clients and self-gratification by always achieving the very best results.

I am always amazed and honoured to work in the different development teams at Diatom!  Our collaborative ventures achieve exceptional quality because each of us delivers only the very best!  Diatom means, “Brilliant minds in action!”

I live by, “Do not fear perfection, you will never reach it!” Salvador Dali. We are still in the infancy of IT and unlimited breathtaking discoveries are constantly unveiling.