Roman Kuropatnikov

Project Manager


Although I’ve never seen myself writing actual code, I always knew that it would be possible to use my communication skills in the IT industry. Even without specific IT education or extensive development experience, I knew I could make a valuable contribution to a development team. 


I graduated from Transport and Telecommunication Institute in Riga, Latvia, with a bachelor’s degree in management. After considering law, banking and even psychology for my future career, I eventually decided to apply my communications skills and pursue management in the IT industry. 


I have always been eager to try new things and unafraid to challenge myself with new roles or duties. I’ve worked in hotel management, sports management and, of course, IT. One of the most fun work experiences I had was in the Latvian Football Federation. I started as a total newbie, and in six months I was an international football match manager and tournament director. After working at the football federation for a while, I realized that IT is, and will probably always be a more dynamic industry, so I returned to this field.


The IT field is also quite broad. I worked for a time in robotic process automation development (RPA), but quickly switched to business analysis, since it is a better match for my mindset and professional skills.


I discovered Diatom quite unexpectedly. I was on a plane to Prague for a work trip, opened a magazine and saw an article about the robot Pepper. It got me curious, so I took a photo with my phone and, half a year later, I’m here!


I’m currently a project manager. My tasks vary depending on the size, scope and type of project, but essentially, I’m the liaison between the client and the team of developers. 

 I like working at Diatom. We have a family-like work atmosphere, everybody is helpful but also likes to joke around. 


Outside of work I like to stay active and be outdoors. I enjoy walks on the beach, regardless of the weather conditions or time of year. One of my dreams is to travel across the United States, starting from Los Angeles, California, and finishing in Miami, Florida.