Dmitry Smirnov

Project Manager

I started my Computer Science University program specializing in Business IT while maintaining a position in manufacturing. Over the following nine years, I expanded my IT knowledge through other courses and became a Microsoft Certified Professional.  During the same time, I expanded my manufacturing knowledge through Fire and Safety Engineering. The leadership of the manufacturing operation honoured me with promotions up to serving as their purchasing manager.

Upon graduating in 2009, I moved to London for a year until my past manufacturing employer made a stunning offer with the title of Deputy Director of Manufacturing.  During this time I mastered my skills in quality control systems, woodworking, logistics, stock management,  and programming modern CNC machines.  Today these and other internal experiences have given me unique and extremely valuable insights in constructing my IT applications.

Just before earning my Master`s degree in Transport Telecommunications Management, I joined Diatom Enterprises as a junior software developer in 2014.  You might be curious why I would leave an executive position in manufacturing to accept the lowest position in an IT company. IT offers an extremely dynamic future requiring continuous self-development, but the real reason is that… IT is simply my genuine passion!  These experiences have allowed me to progress quickly at Diatom as a team leader where I apply my previously acquired executive critical thinking and decision making skills giving my team maximum productivity. Additionally, I owe my quick success to the industry professionals at Diatom.  Their teaching skills, professional knowledge transfer and powerful leadership have accelerated my learning curve!

Presently, I am leading our largest development team constructing a complex enterprise software solution for the largest privately-owned hospitality club in the United States. This huge project demands our most creative solutions derived through intense collaboration between the client, his team, and our team.

Diatom hires remarkably bright and masterfully trained developers, managers, and leaders, who expect challenges bordering on the nearly impossible.  Our synergy generates massive creative energy transformed into IT systems that profoundly benefit our clients.