Tatyana Yegorova

Product Development Manager

My staff is to see that your Development Team has a positive and helpful environment so that their moral and enthusiasm remains high. The quality of your work also depends on my team because our environment affects everyone who is working for you.

Although you may never see my people, you can rest assured that we know our responsibilities and are relentlessly committed to exercising them with excellence.

When I entered the university I was still mystified regarding my future. I was frustrated until I realized that most everyone was in the same dilemma. I had plenty of options, like being an interpreter. That would be fascination and I would meet interesting people, or social sciences made me feel needed. English Philology tugged on my heart, but I finally found the Faculty of Economics and Management was incredibly fascinating and challenging. Additionally, it would always give me a great job and a wonderful future filled with opportunities.

In 2007, I joined the Diatom team as the office administrator, I was just 21. I had no idea of the adventures and challenges that lay ahead.

I was continuing my studies and combining them with my work, unto 2008. It was then that I was honoured to graduate from my university with an excellence Diploma. Following was full time and full speed ahead at Diatom.

From the moment I first entered the door, the people in Diatom took my breath away. Interesting and dynamic with a good measure of stress was usually an understatement. I had never experienced such vitality. It was absolutely something new and intriguing for me. I worked hard and learned a lot, but it was fun. Now looking back, after 8 years, I can say that I am genuinely proud of myself. My experiences blossomed just as I did. I found that I was profoundly able to manage every difficulty situation inside and outside the company.

I am proud to work in such a leading IT company, where my top management colleagues to those newest to join are highly skilled and professional people.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so fortunate. My parents are wonderful and have always been supportive. They will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in 2015, both of them and especially my mother, have always been the best example of making a strong family unit.