Laura Walter

Account Manager

We have built a strong, mutually respectful environment at Diatom Enterprises and I feel proud to be a part of it.

In 2013 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and Hospitality from the Baltic International Academy. The experience I gained while studying and practising abroad helps me to easily find a common language for communicating with people, which in turn helps me a lot at work.

After graduation, I had a desire to challenge myself in business, so I decided to open my own clothing shop in Riga. I worked hard, and as a perfectionist, I was working nearly 24/7. After a few years of overworking, I thought about the other industries and businesses I would like to experience. I decided to search for new opportunities where I could use my knowledge and skills.

I always wanted to connect my life with the IT field; however, I was not sure which area to choose or how to start my journey.  Should I become a software developer (just like my father), or a project manager, or maybe even an IT recruiter? I accidentally saw a job ad from an IT company that attracted my attention with its title: “If you are a true fairy, then come and join our wonderful friendly team.” I sent in my CV and asked if they were still looking for a fairy. On the next day, I received a call and was invited to an interview.

This is how I joined the Diatom family as an office manager for more than three years ago. As a responsible and purposeful person, I tried my best to always look for additional responsibilities. After the first year, I took an HR Manager position, and after 2 more years, I was noticed by the company’s executives and promoted to the Account manager.

It is amazing that everyone at Diatom is eager to exchange knowledge with others, and this environment inspires me to make my own contributions to the Business Development department. I always ask advice from colleagues when I need help, and not only regarding work.

I remember one important moment when I asked for the opinion of our CEO, Denis Gorshkov. He gave me priceless advice that helped me decide how to continue my career journey at Diatom. After that conversation, I applied for the Management of İnformation Systems studies at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute in Riga. Now I try my best to study and transfer that knowledge to my work at Diatom.

Outside of work, I have another passion that is hard to imagine my life without I am a gamer and I enjoy fantasy MMORPG worlds. I’m also a happy owner of a motorcycle, and riding it makes me feel free and calm.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I am truly happy to have Diatom in my life. Diatom is a great place and our team is awesome, everyone is very friendly. It is hard to call it “work,” because it feels so much like home.