Darja Krizska-Popova

Business Development Director

Sometimes I wonder how I arrived among my remarkable colleagues at Diatom. Previously, I was the Public Relations Director in charge of Marketing and Publicity for an art firm here in Riga. It was fun, exciting, and the perfect stepping stone to here. Now, every day I am helping others like you to discover that we are The Best in software design and development. It’s not hard to help when, in fact, my colleagues are incredibly talented!

Offering our services in other European counties is enhanced because my Bachelor’s Studies were focused on intercultural relationships between Latvia and Great Britain while my Master’s Degree was devoted to Culture Management. I always like to remind myself that people are mostly the same everywhere. They want to succeed in their profession and take good care of their families. I love to help others and hopefully you to make those dreams come true.

Our team here in the states are always supportive and we never seem to stop learning. Our mission is clear. We are to ease the fears of those we serve by making sure their development work is done on time and absolutely done correctly. That is a mission none of us takes lightly!

I love my hometown of Jelgava, just 40 km south of my new home, Riga. I am very fortunate. I studied at the university what I wanted to do. I am around gifted and inspiring work friends and every workday is transformed into another unique adventure. My parents, oh my parents, there is no end to the love and care they have for me.

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Please reach out to me so we can find our own big adventure!