HTML validation refers to a process in which a web document is analyzed in comparison to language rules put in place. In this process non-standard codes and errors are identified. Though it might seem unnecessary, there are major benefits that you stand to gain from by validating your webpage. The greatest gain that you … Continue reading


With the rapid change in the technology world complexity in programming or coding has increased. The main aim of increasing the complexity is to lead to easier, more user friendly technological environments. With the above goal in mind, The Dynamic Hypertext Mark up Language (DHTML) was introduced. Originally it was based on Microsoft internet … Continue reading

Windows 8: Microsoft’s browser-based OS

Windows 8, without a doubt, is a mobile OS. It is a very shiny, hardware-accelerated, operating system — and there’s no denying the fact that a re-skinned Windows 7 desktop Explorer is just sitting there, eagerly awaiting your probing finger prod — but first and foremost it is a mobile … Continue reading

Flex to HTML5/AngularJS Migration Approach

Challenges of staying with Flex Cost will always be a major concern if you plan to upgrade your software to conform to up-to-date technologies to keep pace with progress. However, staying with a proprietary platform may cost your business far more than the decision to migrate. If you plan to stick with Flex your software … Continue reading

ASP.NET MVC: Business Logic as a Separate Layer

ASP.NET MVC offers a great way of how to separate different application layers. View layer is responsible for data representation, controller layer is responsible for receiving and replying to requests, and models are used as two-way information carriers between the previous two layers. This separation of concerns is convenient for developers because there is no … Continue reading

Short Sale Online Marketplace

Our developing team finished first stage of development works for a Short Sale online marketplace project with a real estate agent network. The goal of the project is to attend potential Short Sale buyers to help them selling their properties. Everyone can use smart and detailed property search, view property details and bookmark property with … Continue reading