Our company is an outsource software development expert in Silverlight technology. Diatom Enterprises’ Silverlight developers effectively used Silverlight in building projects as: Short Sale Online Marketplace with a Real Estate Agent Network, Online DSA Training System, Web Solution For Business Management. Diatom Enterprises provides offshore Silverlight development services for wide range of industries and companies around the … Continue reading

Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder) and Flash Framework

Diatom Enterprises as a flash development company is an expert in Adobe Flex and Flash. Company’s flash developers widely use Adobe Flex and Flash in developing such projects as: Online Real Estate Marketplace, File and Document Storage System, Music Production Library, Latvian Government Archive System, DSA Training System. … Continue reading

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder)

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder) is a professional development tool used by web developers. With this software, you are able to create a client friendly platform for serving your customers using different frameworks. You would be able to create debugging, coding and visual designs … Continue reading

Flex to HTML5/AngularJS Migration Approach

Challenges of staying with Flex Cost will always be a major concern if you plan to upgrade your software to conform to up-to-date technologies to keep pace with progress. However, staying with a proprietary platform may cost your business far more than the decision to migrate. If you plan to stick with Flex your software … Continue reading

HTML5/AngularJS/ReactJS Development. Migration from the existing Flash systems

What we do Development from zero Migration to latest AngularJS versions Assessment and implementation methodology Migration from Adobe Flash to AngularJS, ReactJS Professional consultation on migration and related services Key benefits of working with us Proven methodology: we have successful case studies in developing and migrating with AngularJS/HTML5. Vast experience: 12+ years of commercial software development experience. … Continue reading

Diatom’s team starts to work for globally recognized project

Diatom Enterprises’ experts in software development started to work for a globally recognized portal which enables businesses to conduct online employee training. The project was developed using C#,  JavaScript and .NET, ASP.NET Framework 3.5 , Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder 4), Visual Studio 2008, WebORB for .NET, Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder), Agile Software development – Rally, Atlassian tools … Continue reading

Music Libraries

Web portal is intended for media business purposes. It is most convenient and fast place for searching of music by genres, categories and styles in several European music libraries. Current version of web portal is developed using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, AJAX tools, floating DIV’s and a lot of another features. Downloading and listening of … Continue reading