Our company is an outsource software development expert in Silverlight technology. Diatom Enterprises’ Silverlight developers effectively used Silverlight in building projects as: Short Sale Online Marketplace with a Real Estate Agent Network, Online DSA Training System, Web Solution For Business Management. Diatom Enterprises provides offshore Silverlight development services for wide range of industries and companies around the … Continue reading

Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder) and Flash Framework

Diatom Enterprises as a flash development company is an expert in Adobe Flex and Flash. Company’s flash developers widely use Adobe Flex and Flash in developing such projects as: Online Real Estate Marketplace, File and Document Storage System, Music Production Library, Latvian Government Archive System, DSA Training System. … Continue reading

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder)

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder) is a professional development tool used by web developers. With this software, you are able to create a client friendly platform for serving your customers using different frameworks. You would be able to create debugging, coding and visual designs … Continue reading

What type of mobile application is right for you?

In the consumer realm, the term “mobile app” assumes that an application is intended to work on a mobile device. In the software developer’s world there is much more to consider. Once the decision to develop a mobile application has been made, the first technical questions … Continue reading

New Adobe Experience Design Tool for design, prototype and share

Imagine that you are an entrepreneur and you have a new business idea. It may be a logistic CRM created for your own company or a real estate website with unique functionality. After some research, you discover that there aren’t any similar products on the market. Where do you start? Here’s another scenario: you are … Continue reading