HTML5/AngularJS/ReactJS Development Migration from the existing Flash systems

HTML5/AngularJS/ReactJS Development and migration from the existing Flash systems

What we do

Migration from Adobe Flash to AngularJS, ReactJS

Key benefits of working with us

Proven methodology: we have successful case studies in developing and migrating with AngularJS/HTML5.

Vast experience: 12+ years of commercial software development experience. Have a look at our Projects!

We are Agile: we are flexible in all aspects: using Agile methodologies, working on transparent agreement system, running daily scrums with clients, and more. Learn more about our processes.

Quality Management:  ISO 9001:2008 certification passed with 100% compliance. It ensures that the custom software development services Diatom Enterprises provides, are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Full development cycle: from design to deployment. We are interested in the success of your project just as much as you are!

Technology reference

AngularJS – popular JavaScript framework, latest version 2.4 released in 2017. Main features: progressive web apps, excellent for native or desktop apps, extreme performance, universal rendering, SEO-friendly, high-performance complex animations.

ReactJS – declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Main features: lightweight DOM for better performance, easy learning curve, components support and little dependencies, SEO-friendly, mobile apps using react Native.

HTML5 – Latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. Main features: enhanced semantics, innovative connectivity, efficient offline and storage capabilities, multimedia support, improved performance and integration, broaden devices access.

Adobe Flash – technology that nowadays is getting outdated because of coming termination of Flash support in modern browsers as well as absence of Flash support in most of mobile devices (as iOS-based). Learn more about Technologies we are proficient in.